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About Us

Your Yard Is a Garden is a family-owned landscaping business in Greenville South Carolina. We specialize in tailoring a landscape design that fits the wants and needs of the client. Mark J. Talbert, owner/operator brings 35 years of horticulturist experience into your yard for consultation, design and installation from start to finish.

With 446 Greenville yard consultations Mark will help you open your eyes and ears to the potential beauty that lies in waiting, in your diamond in the rough that is really a garden. We offer a special $400. valued design at a special discount price of $139. to folks in the Greenville area. We are ready to plant from October 1st through May 31 at discounted quotes.

We help you realize that your yard is the confluence of soil, shrubs, grasses, trees, rocks, insects, birds, butterflies, flowers, worms and weeds. Mark will emphasize the esthetics of known tangibles along with some hidden intangibles. He also offers problem solving consultation at the rate of $100 and hour for those who need help solving issues like water drainage, soil erosion, tree and plant decline. As an arborist Mark can evaluate tree health and tree problems. He can guide you in knowing what to do and how to do it, correctly—ultimately saving money. His designs prevent costly mistakes.

Family Owned & Operated in Greenville SC

Mark is the author of a gardening book soon to be released.

“Your Yard is a Garden, Sustainable Gardening”