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Your Yard Is a Garden Landscaping Services will remove old, outdated plants and replace them with fresh, colorful plant species that serve to uplift your yard. Selecting the right species for the right spot is the mission of our company that emphasizes sustainability at a special value for a discounted price.

All of the crew have been planting for an average of at least eight years and bring the utmost of professionalism along with conscientiousness into your yard. We use the best state of the art plant species to provide privacy screens, not expensive balled in burlap big trees.

The value-added designs are easy to understand while acting as a blueprint for the landscape. The discounted containerized plants are locally grown in Mitford, South Carolina at the third largest nursery in the state.

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Renovate Your Yard

Our designs make small porches look bigger and house entrances feel warm and inviting. We add soil amendments to promote root growth at no extra charge. We promote soil fertility and will help you learn how to manage your yard. Sustainability is our motto.

We leave a small footprint with lightweight equipment and guarantee plants for a month. We are bonded and insured. Let us renovate your yard-give us a call to set up an appointment with Jane at 864-263-3291 Take advantage of our April $200 landscaping discount.